When you lose someone close it’s sometimes the little things that can bring you the most comfort. So if you would like your loved one to have a cherished article placed with them to keep them company or you feel you would like them to wear a favourite outfit , please just let us know.

Every one of us is an individual and a funeral service can reflect just that . A funeral service can be made very personal in many ways, such as family and friends sharing memories of your loved one, favourite music being played or perhaps an audio visual display tribute .

A unique specially made coffin can be arranged featuring personal photographs , sporting teams or even favourite shoes. A personalized Order of Service with photographs, poems or personal messages can provide a lasting memento for friends and family.

Transport to the funeral service does not necessarily need to be in a hearse, you may prefer to consider a horse drawn carriage or motorcycle hearse. Please talk to us about any important personal touches that you and your family would like to include.